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Helping support and educate brain tumor patients and caregivers

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Lance Armstrong Foundation helping people manage and survive cancer. Lance Armstrong is the inspiring three-time winner of the Tour de France and survivor of testicular cancer, which metastasized to his abdomen, lungs and brain. 

American Brain Tumor Association has a collection of survivor stories, as well as other comforting resources.

National Brain Tumor Foundation has collected survivor stories as well. Go to the button titled Patient Info then click on "Surviving a Brain Tumor." Then the link to stories is on the right.

Survivor Stories from VirtualTrials.com has many stories of long-term survivors with e-mail links so you can contact them. 

Brain Tumor Survivor Websites

david is a performing songwriter diagnosed with a GBM brain tumor in 1996.  Told he had one year to live, he turned to his songwriting to find strength and reach out to others in hope.  He  tours the nation sharing his songs of courage.

Steve Helle's Brain Tumor Climb 
A brain tumor survivor completed his mission to climb the 19 Colorado peaks over 14,000 feet to raise awareness of brain tumors and raise money for research by the American Brain Tumor Association.

Greg Scott - BrainTumour.net aims to provide education, advice and support for Brain Tumour sufferers and their families and friends.

Scott Vickroy's Brain Tumor Success Story
Survivor of an astrocytoma III whose treatment ran the gamut of aggressiveness, including high-dose chemo and a stem-cell rescue. Now his MRI's are all clear! See the note from our webmaster


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