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Helping support and educate brain tumor patients and caregivers

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Shelly Vickroy
TumorFree Webmaster

About the Logo

In designing the logo for TumorFree.com, I wanted to convey a sense of exuberant victory, symbolized by the arms over the head in a winning gesture. The star above the figure represents the idea that "There's no more tumor in my head" but also the sense of a higher spiritual connection, which plays an important role in everyone's healing journey.

Our logo represents our intention to help you on your journey to becoming tumor free. 

I  Knew Mike, too

I first "met" Kathy and Mike in spring of 1999 through the BRAINTMR e-mail list. I was also online to search for treatments for my husband, Scott, who was diagnosed with a gemistocytic astrocytoma in his left parietal lobe in November 1998. Our neuro-oncologist in Colorado had offered Scott the chance for high-dose chemotherapy and a stem-cell rescue, and I was hoping to find others on the BRAINTMR list who had undergone this aggressive treatment.  Kathy was one of the five people who answered my e-mail inquiry and told us how Mike had endured not only one but two stem-cell rescues (see Mike's complete story). (The number of consecutive procedures was determined by the clinical trial.)  At the time she wrote to us, Mike was just home from his second procedure. It was Mike's brave example to endure the procedure twice that gave Scott the courage to do it once. Scott underwent his high-dose chemo and stem cell rescue in July 1999. Amazingly, his MRIs have been clean ever since and today, Scott is in remission from his brain tumor. Read Scott's survivor story.  

Since the summer of 1999, we've kept in touch with Kathy and were heartbroken when we learned that Mike had lost his battle. 

It is indeed an honor to be part of this new website, TumorFree.com, because I, too, am committed to helping other brain tumor patients and their families.

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