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The College of William and Mary This is where Mike and Kathy went to school. Mike was a History and Anthropology Major and a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He graduated in 1989.

The University of New Hampshire This is where Kimberley went to school and graduated in 1987.

St. Anthony's High School This is Mike's high school. He loved being on the track team and was a great at the 400 and the hurdles.

Widener University School of Law  Mike earned his law degree in 1992 at the Harrisburg, Pa. campus.

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Cancun, Mexico where David and Kimberley went on their honeymoon in February of 1997.

Bermuda where Kathy and Mike went on their Honeymoon in October of 1995.

The Travel Channel  Kim and David loved to travel and took trips to the islands, South America and Europe.

The State of Florida  Kim loved the Florida sunshine and beaches!

Disney World  Kim and David loved going to visit the Disney parks

New York City  Mike and Kathy used to live here and loved the cultural aspects of NYC.  David and Kim visited NYC many times and loved the city as well. Ironically, both couples had their pictures taken at the top of the Empire State Building with the very same view in the background!

The Arts section of the NY Times  Kathy & Mike and David & Kimberley loved visiting all the NYC cultural sites

Colonial Williamsburg  Both Mike and Kathy were history majors at William and Mary, which is in Williamsburg, Va. They both loved the restored village of Colonial Williamsburg which is adjacent to the campus.

Gettysburg National Battlefield   Mike loved Civil War history and visiting the National Park in Gettysburg, Pa.

Harrisburg & Hershey, Pa.  Mike went to law school in Harrisburg and he and Kathy lived here right after they were married. He loved going to Hershey Park which is nearby.

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The Giants  Mike's favorite football team was the NY Giants

The Yankees Mike's favorite baseball team was the Yankees. He was so excited when they won the World Series!

St. John's University basketball  This was Mike's favorite college basketball team. He called them "the Johnnies." Mike loved the "March Madness" NCAA basketball tournament. His dad went to St. John's University, which is a big reason Mike was such a Johnnies fan.

The Rangers  Mike loved NY Rangers Hockey

NY Kickerbockers  Mike loved Knicks basketball. He was a great source of knowledge about all sorts of sports trivia.

CNN's golf site   Mike loved all sports and was very excited about golf.

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Dilbert.com  Mike loved Dilbert's office humor. check here for a daily dose of laughter!

Siamese cats  Kimberley loved Siamese cats. She and David had a Siamese kitten whose name is Rio and now lives with David and Kathy.

The Sinatra Music Society  Mike loved Frank Sinatra, and he had a wonderful singing voice. He sang Sinatra songs at his friends' weddings and even at his and Kathy's wedding! 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art  Both Kimberley and Mike loved the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

The American Museum of Natural History   Mike and Kathy loved the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Mike was so happy to see the Dinosaur exhibit with his 3 nephews !

The New York Times Crossword puzzle   Mike loved crossword puzzles!

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Memorial Foundations

The Foundation for Enhancing Communities   The Michael J. Luparello Memorial Fund is here. Mike's friend, Andy Giorgione, came up with the idea and helped Kathy set up the memorial fund. The fund is designed to help support the needs of brain tumor patients and caregivers.

To make a tax deductible donation, make a check payable to The Greater Harrisburg Foundation and put The Michael J. Luparello Memorial Fund in the "memo" field. Send to: 200 N. 3rd St. P.O. Box 678 Harrisburg, PA 17108. Or donate online using their PayPal system (set your browser to allow pop-up windows).

The Kimberley Jaye Brain Tumor Foundation This non-profit organization was originally set up by David to support the needs of brain tumor patients and their caregivers through the Tumorfree website.  

To make a tax deductible contribution, make a check payable to: The Kimberley Jaye Brain Tumor Foundation, Inc.  account #3000040541526 and send to : Wachovia Bank c/o the Northwood Branch  2850 North McMullen-Booth Rd. Clearwater, FL 33761

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